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Spirelight Dedication Book

St Paul's church spire illuminated at night

Light up St Paul’s Spire!

Everyone is invited to participate in our Spirelight Dedication, to commemorate an Anniversary, Birthday or any other memorable date.

Just download and fill in a Spirelight Dedication Form [MS Word, 15 KB] and the name will be mentioned on that date in the Dedication Book.

Return the completed form to Len Stevens by email, or by post to:

Mr Len Stevens
13 Middle Green
CM15 0QT

Using our Spirelight Journal for cherished memories

Here at St Paul’s we have a vision of having loved ones honoured and remembered through the beacon of Christian light that is our spirelight. We would love to have a name or names for every night of the year so that the light that illuminates our spire to the world shines for someone and is not merely “empty” light!

As of November 2020 we commemorate 283 people over 191 days of the year.

You are invited to participate by entering the names of loved ones, and the reason or occasion of their inclusion, into the journal that we keep on our Remembrance windowsill. Others will on occasion read the journal, and possibly your entry. Names of those remembered will be printed in our quarterly magazine and displayed on our outside notice board.

We seek more names and invite everyone to add to our lists. Family loved ones, special friends, maybe entering someone more than once – birthdate, baptism, confirmation, marriage, other significant dates? Please feel free to help us to achieve an entry for every day of the year.

Names, dates and dedications can be sent to Len Stevens, 78 Ashgrove Road, Goodmayes IG3 9XD who will enter them into the journal on your behalf when distance or Covid regulations create barriers.

There is no set fee or expectation of payment for inclusion, although contributory donations to the St Paul’s are, as always, welcome and appreciated.

St Paul’s Parochial Church Council. 7 November 2020


Last updated November 2020.

1st Janet Back
2nd Norman Barfoot, Sheila Bennett
6th Owen Dawson (WW1)
7th Lilly Grace
8th Stella Filer
9th Oliver King, Thomas Hiddleston
11th Andrew Williams
16th Myra Hyde; Geoffrey Springbett; Nicola Lee
23rd Isabella Savage; David Stevens; Stanley Fuller (WW1)
29th Jack Stevens
30th Brenda Jeffrey; Dorothy Cottrell; Joyce Hardy
31st Joan Thompson

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3rd George Pleasance (WW1)
7th Doris Fenn
9th Joseph Langdell
11th Antronihi Sideras
14th Dorothy Cottrell; Fred Wood; Herbert (Tom) and Mary Barlow; Ivy Nickelson
18th Matthew Barnbrook
20th Eileen and Wiktor Urbanek
23rd Joseph Turner
24th Mum (Ivy N.)
25th Anthony Westley; Francis Grayston (WW1)
27th Linda Savage
28th Christine Stone

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1st David and Linda Savage; Andrew Lee
3rd Ellis Williams; Dennis (Tom) Savage
4th Oliver Ayres
6th Paul Lodge
8th Sarah Hodges
13th Alfred Ewen (WW1)
17th Trish Turner; Jessie Duncan
18th Peter and Valerie Hodges
19th Andrew Longstaff
21st Charles Blunt (WW1); John Thurston (WW1)
23rd Annabelle King; William Thompson (WW1)
24th Frederick Fenn
25th James Simpson (WW1)
26th Irene Thorpe
27th Olive Hall; David Michaels; Barnard Clapham (WW1); Olivia Cottrell
29th John Green; James Mahoney
30th Marrianne and Len Stevens; Albert Perfect; Thomas Ewens (WW1)

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3rd Harry Yates
4th Stephen & Clare Hodges
5th Canon Rodney Matthews
9th Ivy Lewis
14th Mary and Des Wood
17th Bessie Howie; Mollie McCafferty
18th Sydney Bodger (WW1)
19th Marrianne Stevens
22nd Len Stevens; David Stevens
26th Leonard Stone
28th John and Constance Gardner; Pat Elgar

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1st Laddie Savage
4th Elizabeth Hodges
9th Matthew Lee
10th Mary Wooden; Edward Back
12th Evangeline Beth Pierce
14th Amelia Burke; Elizabeth May Allen
18th Fay Warrington
19th Frank Diamond (WW1)
20th Walter Carter (WW1)
21st Linda and Alex Wilby
22nd Harry Saunders; Nick Nickelson
27th Andrew Hall
28th Doris Stevens; Owen Sharpling; Thomas Talbot (WW1)
29th Amanda Sharpling
30th Alex Wilby; Ken Elgar
31st Margaret Sanders; Keith Self

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1st Joe Medwyn Williams; Gladys and Arthur Ord; Sandra and Keith Assell; Hazel and Tony Dawson
2nd Leo Matthew Burton
6th Meg Potter; Gregory James Park
7th Christopher Frederick Park; Dennis Rumble
8th Margaret Prodger; Toby Langdell; Lee Henry Park
10th Christine and Leonard Stone
12th John Wooden
15th Tony Dawson
16th William Anthony Savage; Rodney Chant
17th Elizabeth Ann Hodges
19th Roger Langdell
20th Joseph Matthew Bright, James Menhinick (WW1)
22nd Thomas Hodges
23rd Mark Rebbeck; Lyndsay Barnbrook
24th Drew and Zoe Pierce
25th Leslie Sparkes
27th John Springbett; Thekla Monnerjahn; Sarah Cottrell
28th Edward Balk

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1st Raymond Holcroft (WW1); Jack Goldsmith (WW1)
2nd Terence Wauer
3rd Gill and Ken Tofts - wedding anniversary; Alexandra and John Sullivan; Henry and Alfred Hilton
4th Gill and Ken Tofts - birthdays
5th John Edmund Trott
7th Win and Vic Self; Hazel Wooden
9th John Balk
13th David Trevett (WW1)
15th Rosemary Matthews;
16th Ellen Greenwood; Margaret Wiseham; Sarah Cottrell
19th Joan Edwards
20th Sophia Eloise Ayres
21st Grace Ann Burton
23rd Sian Grace Sharpling; Karen and Kevin Downey
24th Aimee and Nathaniel Ayres
27th David and Melanie Hodges; Jenny and Paul Murphy
28th Fergus Langdell; Georgios Sideras
30th Jessica Hall; Rory Langdell

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1st Isabel Cottrell
2nd John Stevens
3rd Douglas Wooden
6th Felicity Bradbeer
7th Joan Fuller
8th Frederick Barton (WW1)
10th Pat and Ken Elgar
12th Lt Daniel John Clack
14th Heather and David Barnbrook
15th Arthur Burrows (WW1)
16th Anthony Westley
17th Ellen Newman; Albert Edward Filer; Peter Filer; David Thompson
19th Canon Rodney and Rosemary Matthews
20th Sandra Bateman; Claire Leigh and Thomas Martin
21st Bertie Crisp (WW1)
23rd Rose Wright,
24th John Edward Downey
26th Harold Shuttle (WW1)
29th John Downey and Gwenneth Mortimer

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1st Arthur Gregory (WW1); Nicola and Andrew Lee
2nd Emily Hodges
3rd Richard and Alison Hodges; George Penny (WW1)
4th Mary and Jim Lacy; Carlo Langdell
5th Edith Violet Collins; Joseph Underwood (WW1)
6th Roger Langdell; Arthur Wix (WW1)
7th Matthew Burke; William Hall and Iris Walker
9th Arthur Ord; Fred Dawson
13th Iris Clarke
14th Harry Brown (WW1)
15th Mary Holloway; Horace Litchfield (WW1); William George Hall
18th Pam and George Varughese; Sidney Townsend Allen
19th Alexis Jane Sims
23rd Frederick Poole (WW1)
28th Wendy Longstaff

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2nd Matilda Pierce
3rd Joseph Kenneth Bright
4th Kevin Downey
5th Kenneth Elgar
9th Albert and Eileen Perfect
10th Gladys Ord
11th Herbert (Tom) Barlow - died
12th Albert Evans (WW1)
15th Corban Hodges
16th Marrianne Stevens
17th Herbert (Tom) Barlow – birthday; Maurice Sparke
20th Ernest Herring (WW1)
21st Elle Hiscott, Ben Savage
22nd Charles Harrup (WW1)
23rd Mark Rebbeck
27th Sidney Gregory (WW1); Peter Poulton
28th George Newman
30th Karen Hall
31st Lee Savage; Charles Reeves (WW1)

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2nd Daniel Burke; Reginald Sanders; Dorothy Moss
4th John and Mary Wooden; Alan Bird (WW1)
6th Robert Foster (WW1)
7th Olive Glover; Roger Sparke
8th Ian Rumble, Mary Warway
9th Rose Aldorino
10th John Witham (WW1)
13th David Andrew Savage
14th Revd John Andrew Tibbs
17th George Jackman (WW1)
21st Edith Wood
22nd Bertram Moyler (WW1)
24th George Wright (WW1); Karen Hall
26th Brian Stevens; Mollie McCafferty
28th Alfred Newman; Beatrice Hall; Alex Shephard (WW1)
29th Percy Green (WW1)
30th Ben Park; Otto Mark (WW1)

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1st Dylan Savage
2nd Sarah and Tim Cottrell
3rd Niall Sanders, Dylan Rose Theresa Burrows
4th Keith Self
6th Thomas Baker (WW1)
7th Lyndsay and Joshua Burton
10th Elle Hiscott, Heather Barnbrook
15th Caroline Walshe
18th William Newman
19th Margi Dawson
20th Eleanor Simmons-Smith
22nd Hugh Medwyn Williams
23rd Jonathan Webb
24th Joyce Hardy; John Green; Peter Poulton; Rossa Aldorino
25th Ivy and Nick Nickelson; Vera Leyland; George Thompson; Susan Clack
28th John Dickson
29th Sylvia Severance
31st Isabella (granddaughter of Mary and John Wooden)

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