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Chelmsford diocese is offering Holy Week at Home – home worship resources for each day of Holy Week. The pages will continue to grow over the coming days and include liturgy, prayers, music, video and activities for all ages.

The Church of England offers Church online and Daily Prayer.

See further online worship resources below.

St Paul’s Order of Service for Sundays and Holy Days


  1. May 24th: 7th Sunday of Easter (Sunday after Ascension Day) (including video reflection "Prayer: John 17 1-11")
  2. May 17th: 6th Sunday of Easter (including video reflection on John 14:15-21)
  3. May 10th: 5th Sunday of Easter (“Christian Aid Week” – video & transcript)
  4. May 3rd: 4th Sunday of Easter (“The Gate” – video & transcript)
  5. April 26th: 3rd Sunday of Easter (“The Road To Emmaus” – video)
  6. April 19th: 2nd Sunday of Easter
  7. April 12th: Holy Week: Easter Day
  8. April 10th: Holy Week: Good Friday
  9. April 9th: Holy Week: Maundy Thursday
  10. April 5th: Holy Week: Palm Sunday
  11. March 29th: 5th Sunday of Lent (Passion Sunday)
  12. March 22th: 4th Sunday of Lent (Mothering Sunday)

Online Worship Resources