Wedding Enquiries

Contact the Vicar to make an appointment

These are usually held on Tuesdays between 7 pm and 8 pm.

See also: "Your Church Wedding"

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Thinking about a church wedding?

Couple getting married at the altar in St Paul's with minister and young bridesmaid Couple walking out down the aisle at St Paul's after marriage

Congratulations, we wish you well as you begin your journey into married life together.

It's wonderful that you want to make your marriage vows before God.

A church wedding won't just give you some lovely photographs to remember the day by, as Christians, we believe that God is Love ... so it is only right that you should want Him to be at the very heart of your special day!

The Church of England has created a website "Your Church Wedding" to help with your wedding plans.

We welcome enquiries for weddings on Tuesday evenings between 7 pm—8 pm.


You may request your parish priest to marry you in Church, and he/she will be very pleased to do so.

Anybody may be married in Church providing that they are not:

  1. currently married to somebody else (bigamy)
  2. under 16 years old (the age of consent)
  3. too closely related (inbreeding)

Those who have been divorced may be remarried in Church under certain circumstances — it is always worth asking. Being married is a commitment to live together as a new family in the community for as long as you live. You promise to love, comfort, honour and protect your partner and to forsake all others.