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  St Paul's Church Hall

  10:00am-12 Noon


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Holiday Club

Children's Holiday Club

Each year St. Paul's Church runs a Holiday club during the first full week of the school summer holidays for local Primary age children.

The holiday club meets every day from Monday to Friday from 10.00 a.m. to 12 Noon.  We finish on Friday with a short evening service in Church and the Children can show their parents what they have been doing.

Each holiday club has a special theme and throughout the week there is a mixture of gospel teaching, craft activities, games and a range of other fun events.

We also hold a one day Holiday club at Christmas, each Half Term, and


Summer 2016

This year's theme was The Great Escape:

God comes to the Rescue

                    The Israelites Escape from Egypt with Moses


                              David Escapes from King Saul

                           with help from his friend  Johnathan


Jonah tries to escape from God;

God’s message rescues the Ninevite

                The Burning Fiery Furnace God rescues

                    Shadrach Meshach and Abednego


                                        Jesus to the Rescue!
               Jesus walks on the water to rescue the disciples



 Summer 2015

Our Summer Holiday Club continued this year’s theme, which is

“Journey with God”. During the week we explored –

A Journey through the Desert: How God provided the wandering Israelites with manna, quail and water. Obedience, prayer and trusting God.  

A Journey to Bethlehem: The story of Naomi, Ruth and Boaz. Looking after one another; sharing.

A Journey to Emmaus: Jesus’ resurrection appearance to two disciples on the road. Jesus is with us even when we don’t realise it.


A Journey to Damascus: Saul’s encountered Jesus and later became Paul. Meeting Jesus changes our lives.

A Journey to Rome: Paul is shipwrecked and lands on Malta. God is with us, even when we face danger.


The children ranged from ages 4 to 12 years, and numbers attending ranged from 31 to 46. They had fun with team games, and especially enjoyed “Squirty Day”. They took part in craft activities, and many of the results were edible! Other items are on display in church: a quail, a ship, and some friezes and banners.  Our theme song Rolling Along proved very popular when we made up some actions to go with it.


2013 Holiday Club Theme JESUS

“J” for Jericho,  “E” for Exodus, “S” for Saints, “U” for US, 

“S” for Saviour Son of God.

Among the activities we enjoyed, were keep fit routines, different craft activities each day, singing, and somehow we fitted in water play, which was enjoyed by all!


Holiday Club 2011

The theme was Parables

As usual a very enjoyable week for children and helpers